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Digital Health Assessors wanted!

If you have an interest in digital technologies and a passion for helping people, this could be the role to help you kick start your career as a Digital Health Assessor.


1) About ORCHA


ORCHA is one of the UK’s fastest growing digital health organisations. We operate the world’s largest digital health assessment platform and library and have a suite of exciting products and services that are all geared towards getting more people using and benefiting from great health and care related apps.


We are a team of clinicians, mHealth experts and web developers working within the NHS helping to change the way healthcare is delivered, utilising the power of technology. Our award-winning digital platform has been shown to improve the long-term outcomes of our patient population, transformation change and patient outcomes.


It’s fair to say we are crazy about health apps. Digital health is rapidly emerging as the major new frontier in healthcare delivery globally and we are at the forefront of this fast moving and exhilarating environment.


Based in the Northwest of the UK we are rapidly growing across the whole of the UK, Europe and beyond.  Check us out at orchahealth.com.



2) The Role:


What is a Digital Health Assessor?

At the heart of everything we do is our unique ORCHA Digital Health Review and Assessment, which is carried out by our team of talented graduates. Every day they assess health apps covering a huge number of different health and care conditions and identify key domains covering data privacy, professional assurance, and usability/accessibility.


Our Assessors rapidly become experts in all facets of digital health apps. Guided and supported by our team of hugely experienced and expert specialists, ORCHA Assessors use our Review Engine to look at apps holistically, identifying in the process whether the apps are safe for end users to use, for clinicians to promote, and whether they are fully compliant with all the standards and regulations.


A typical day will involve undertaking reviews on a range of distinct apps from a variety of different areas. You will download and use the app; you will investigate and examine all aspects of it and the information that it provides. You will also check out the relevant websites and app store entries to gather all the required evidence to establish how good the app is across a range of assessment dimensions.

You will work with a team of specialists clinicians and technical experts to really understand the value, effectiveness and safety of an app and you will work with developers, health and care organisations and many others to relay your findings and help drive improvements.


As you become more experienced, you will gain the opportunity to become involved in more in-depth assessments on behalf of health and care organisations globally, international regulators and governments who need to provide assurance schemes for their local populations. You will increasingly engage with these key parts of overall health and care systems as part of a multi-disciplinary team of digital health experts to help them to drive the adoption and use of great digital health solutions.


The world of digital health is evolving rapidly, and you will be exposed to some of the most exciting and interesting technologies and solutions that will be pivotal to transforming healthcare delivery as systems strive to respond to the ever growing demands they face.


In common with the digital health world we support, the role of a Digital Health Assessor is constantly changing and evolving with huge opportunities to develop an exciting and fulfilling career in this fast-paced role and to become a true expert in this new frontier in health and care.



3) What do you need?


  • A keen interest in apps and health technology, although no prior experience is necessary as full training will be provided
  • Demonstrable written and verbal communication skills
  • The ability to work well within a team and individually, using your initiative and autonomy.
  • Research and investigation capabilities used for interpreting/studying clinical studies/journal articles
  • Solid organisational skills including attention to detail and multi-tasking
  • A customer service ethos
  • Excellent client-facing and Internal communication skills
  • Problem solving skills, with the ability to be flexible in your approach to work
  • A committed work ethic, with enthusiasm to develop your skills and a drive to learn
  • Attention to detail with an enquiring mind
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • The ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • The ability to adapt to changes in the work environment
  • Outstanding analytical skills and demonstrated academic achievement (degree level)



4) What we offer


We offer you a chance to immerse yourself in an exciting and fast emerging environment that is at the forefront of tackling some of the most important challenges societies face.

We offer a job that will grow with you and constantly offer new challenges and new horizons.

A supportive environment where you will receive great training, ongoing academic studies and access to hugely skilled individuals who will nurture and support you as you grow.

We offer, fun, fast pace and challenge in equal measure and we demand a high level of energy, enthusiasm, and commitment in return.

Personalised career path ladders to ensure fulfilling career.

Paid annual leave 25 days per year based on 37.5 hour week.

Pension scheme

We are still young but growing fast and you have the chance still to be one of the ‘founding’ team and join us for what we know will be a fantastic journey.

A starting salary of £19,000 per annum increasing to £20,000 on successful completion of a 6-month probationary period.



5) Get in touch


If this sounds like perfect role for you, please drop us an email at awesomejobs@orcha.co.uk with a covering letter and your CV telling us why. Don’t be shy, don’t leave your CV to do the talking, spell it out for us right from the start.


Founded by NHS clinicians, ORCHA is the world’s leading digital health evaluation and distribution organisation. We provide services to national health bodies across three continents, including the NHS in 50% of UK regions, delivering national accreditation frameworks, bespoke Digital Health Libraries, and professional recommendation tools, specific to the needs of our clients. ORCHA’s unique Review Engine assesses digital health solutions against more than 300 measures across Clinical/Professional Assurance, Data & Privacy, and Usability & Accessibility, plus additional criteria depending on needs.

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