The Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC) is an NHS owned assessment that checks if your digital health product, or health app, meets the requirements they have set. You can carry out a DTAC assessment on your own digital health product, or we can do it for you at ORCHA to independently verify it.


Our DTAC assessment includes 340 questions that we answer to score your digital health product against three main domains: clinical safety, technical security and data protection. An enhanced assessment includes a fourth domain: usability and accessibility.


You need to pass the DTAC to be used by NHS health systems in England.


After passing our ORCHA Baseline Review (OBR) assessment your digital health product will surface on our ORCHA App Library, Digital Health Formulary, and Digital Health Toolkits, which we develop for health and care organisations to access digital health products. When you pass your DTAC assessment, we will add “DTAC assessed” to your digital health product listing across our ORCHA product range.