Although more men use fitness apps than women, adoption is mainly by younger men.


3 Apps to Improve Men’s Health

Although more men use fitness apps than women, adoption is mainly by younger men, and men of all ages fall behind women in the use of nutrition or self-care apps.

With Men’s Health Week running from 10th June ‘till Father’s Day, this month we’re focusing on health apps that are effective in tackling issues most prevalent amongst men.  From keeping a close watch on heart disease, encouraging a healthy diet, to encouraging timely GP visits.

One man in five dies before he is old enough to retire. Health apps enable men to better understand and take control of their health, helping to change this number.

On behalf of NHS organisations, ORCHA tests more apps than anyone else, looking at effectiveness, safety, security and usability.  Here are three top scoring apps that are designed to help tackle three issues more common amongst men:

  • Heart Disease – Fibricheck uses the phone’s camera and flash to measure the user’s heart rate, helping to detect irregular heartbeats.
  • Weight management – Nutracheck calorie counter allows users to quickly and easily track and report on consumption of calories, carbs, sugar, protein, fat, saturated fat and salt.
  • Symptom checker – Your.MD uses advanced AI to feedback on possible conditions, giving the nudge to visit a doctor.

Watch our video below to find out more about ORCHA’s favourite 3 apps for men’s health:



Due to our continual re-review process, all app scores are subject to change. As such, we’d always encourage you to view our app reviews on our App Library, as this reflects Live data and app updates which are continuously changing. Our re-review process ensures that the most up-to-date information for the latest version of an app can be accessed via our App Library.