ORCHA Baseline Review (OBR)

Your entry-level assessment scheme for quality assurance

OBR assessment

As part of our OBR, we assesses a digital health product, such as a health app, against 350+ standards in three domains: clinical or professional assurance, data and privacy, and usability and accessibility.   After your assessment: 

  • If your technology achieves a score of over 65%, you will receive a badge of quality assurance, recognised internationally
  • The opportunity to enter ORCHA Health App Libraries and Digital Health Formularies used by health and care systems around the world.
  • With a subscription, you will receive a confidential, in-depth improvement report.
Product specification
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Accelerate growth and reach new markets

Accelerate growth of your digital health product by being featured on our widely used App Library

Insights you can count on


Receive the results of your 350+ point OBR assessment and your in-depth improvement report

Your recognised quality mark


Share your OBR badge and certification details with your audience as proof of your high standards

Future-proof your compliance


Get reassessed any time you update your digital health product, and if standards change, for continuous compliance

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Get an OBR assessment for your product

The OBR assessment is available as part of our ORCHA level one annual assessment subscription, which also includes: 

  • An OBR reassessment every time you update your digital health product.
  • A benchmark report, with a unique insight into your competitive standing.
  • Product assessment starting within 20 working days of the signed contract.

Request an assessment
  • What is the ORCHA Baseline Review (OBR)?

    Our ORCHA Baseline Review (OBR) is an assessment that checks if your digital health product, or health app, meets the requirements of 350 criteria. These are 350 questions that we answer to score your digital health product against three main domains: usability and accessibility, clinical or professional assurance, and data and privacy.


    You need a minimum score to pass the OBR to surface on our ORCHA App Library, Digital Health Formulary, and Digital Health Toolkits, which we develop for health and care organisations to access digital health products.

  • How can I assess my digital health product against the OBR?

    We can assess your digital health product, or health app, against the OBR as part of our annual assessment subscription service.

  • How much does an OBR assessment cost?

    Please contact us through our free online contact form to see what our current offers are and speak to our team for next steps.

Case study

Three digital health suppliers share their experiences of working with ORCHA

“ORCHA provides a great platform and mechanism for people to search out information for themselves, where they can view credible and trustworthy information.

“For companies like us, it’s amazing to be part of an ecosystem that has been validated and that is proven to create value. We’ve been collaborating with ORCHA for several years now, and it’s always been an amazing partnership and collaboration.”

– Felicia Vaz, Project Manager, FibriCheck