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About the Health App Library

Our Health App Libraries are public-facing websites that provide your community with safe access to quality-assured health apps and digital health products. You can customise your Health App Library to meet your organisation’s standards. 

We continuously assess all listed health apps and digital health products to ensure they meet relevant clinical, data, privacy, accessibility and usability standards. 

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Your dedicated support team

Our Customer Success support team will help you set up and learn how to use your own Health App Library within three months, as part of a customer support package. 


The customer support package includes customising your Health App Library, training sessions, developing a launch campaign, and ongoing performance and management. 

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Your own insights data dashboard

With your Health App Library, you also get a dashboard that tracks which health apps and digital health products people in your community are searching for, and which ones they are using.  


Your data dashboard produces outcomes reports, which help you identify what your community health needs are and how your health campaigns are performing. You can analyse this data to target unmet health needs and tailor your health campaigns for success. 

  • What is a Health App Library?

    A Health App Library is a place where the public can find digital health products, such as apps, which have been assessed by us at ORCHA.


    Only digital health products that pass assessments, and continue to pass them each year, will be available on the Health App Library.

  • How can I get a Health App Library for my organisation?

    We can create a Health App Library based on the needs of your organisation, and those of your patients or people who use your services. Contact us to find out more about the full process.

  • How much does a Health App Library cost?

    Please contact us through our free online contact form to see what our current offers are and speak to our team for next steps.

Case study

NHS National Diabetes Prevention Case Study

“ORCHA is really a big part of our digital health literacy work, enabling people to have access to safe and reliable apps and digital technologies that will do what it says on the tin, so to speak. Using apps is a really easy way to support our patients and our citizens to engage in the digital experience. Recommending apps is definitely the way of the future.”

– Linda Vernon, Acting Digital Culture and Transformation Clinical Lead, Lancashire & South Cumbria Integrated Care Board