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ORCHA period tracking apps report on an electronic tablet and smartphone

Market intelligence

Gain insight into the performance of the digital health market and benchmark your product strategy. Our market analysts interrogate the world’s largest live database of the digital health compliance data, to provide you with unique market intelligence, including:


  • Market landscape – detailing the size, shape and direction of the market.
  • Quality insights – In-depth analysis of how apps perform against Data Privacy, Professional Assurance and User Experience.
  • Published research – a single view of all published research, pinpointing insights that will be relevant to your product strategy.

ORCHA digital health assessor viewing the Review Engine on a desktop computer, with laptop open in front of him

Digital health product assessment

Our technology assesses a digital health product’s compliance against essential standards and regulations, accurately and at unmatched speed.


Our assessments help you:

  • Understand what changes are required to comply with standards.
  • Provide independent proof of compliance against digital health frameworks.
  • Identify how a product compares to other digital health products in terms of professional assurance, data security and usability.

Get ahead of your competition

With bespoke up-to-date and exclusive market data insights on the digital health ecosystem

Benefit from our comprehensive research team

Data scientists, health economic researchers and clinical specialists at your service

Unmatched assessment technology

Build your own digital health product assessment framework with built-in continuous compliance

Grow and protect your investment

Know the standards and regulations a digital health product needs to thrive in a competitive market

Get the market insights you need to invest in and develop digital health products, such as apps, for your target market and beat your competition.


Or start building your own digital health product assessment framework, with reassessments for continuous compliance against ever-changing standards and regulations.