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Driven to deliver trusted digital health

The number of people using health and care apps has grown, yet 85% found in app stores do not meet quality thresholds. We assess digital health, helping health and care organisations to find, prescribe, embed and commission the best solutions.

Who we Help

We are digitising health. At a time of aging populations, declining health budgets and increasing pressure on primary and acute care, we help the correct digital health apps to be given to the correct people, at the correct time.

We support health and care services in offering tools that help individuals to take control of their own health and wellbeing, resulting in improved population health.


We guide health and care app developers through the many changing standards and regulations within the digital health space, advising which are required to enter markets. Our assessments act as an independent verification of compliance, and we shine a light on those apps that most help the public, patients and services.


Our Review assesses Clinical Assurance, Data Privacy, and Usability.


We provide transparency on the quality of digital health solutions.


Our Digital Health Libraries support populations across the globe.


Professionals use ORCHA to prescribe apps directly to service users.

We make digital health happen

When governments, and health and care organisations, require apps that will safely make the biggest impact on improving health outcomes, they talk to us. We take digital health from policy to practice, providing health and care professionals with the tools and support they need to effectively prescribe and monitor the usage of digital health solutions. Our tools work: professionals agree that they improve the adoption of apps and the self-management of conditions.

We make digital health a reality for organisations, professionals, app developers and populations worldwide. From conception through to distribution, we provide transparency on the quality assurance, distribution and commissioning of digital health apps.

Our award-winning approach to digital health has gained the trust of some of the world’s biggest healthcare systems. Today, we conduct reviews for health and care providers worldwide, from Norway to New Zealand. In the UK, we assess digital health for NHS organisations in 50% of regions.

Learn how we can help you

Digital health is a rapidly evolving market, yet one name remains a constant: ORCHA. Trusted by health and care systems, app developers and populations across the world, we can unlock the power of digital health for you.

In our brief introduction video, our founding CEO, Liz Ashall-Payne, gives an insight into how our digital health methodology can improve outcomes for service users, deliver savings and open up efficiencies for health and care organisations, and help app developers improve and gain adoption of their app.


Unique approach

You wouldn’t take medicine that hasn’t been tested, so why trust an unregulated health app? ORCHA’s unique review process includes the rigour of international clinical, security and usability standards to measure the health of health apps.

In a world in which disinformation, fake news and disingenuous apps are rife, ORCHA’s comprehensive and authoritative approach to digital health provides you with the confidence and reassurance you need to make digital health work for you.

Our story

Ideas can change the world. In 2012, Liz Ashall-Payne had an idea that would transform healthcare using the power of digital technology. That idea became ORCHA. Since then, we have been on a journey involving thousands of app developers, tens of thousands of healthcare professionals and millions of individuals across 11 countries.

This is our story, and it’s only just getting started.

Our values

Fun. Trust. Curiosity. Collaboration. These four values sit at the core of everything we do. It’s these values that inform our work every day; that drive us forward; that help us to make decisions and leave a legacy of meaningful transformation.


Be part of the future of healthcare. Be part of an organisation that’s changing the way individuals manage their health and wellbeing. Be part of an organisation that’s disrupting the digital health marketplace. Be part of an organisation that’s transforming health and care systems across the world. Be part of an organisation that wants you to achieve and succeed. Be part of ORCHA.

Our team

Everyone at ORCHA is driven by the change we are making to health and care systems and, most importantly, in improving people’s health and wellbeing. It keeps us motivated to keep questioning.

Our Review Team constantly understands, applies and helps develop new review measures; the Development Team imagines new ways for our platform to be more robust; our Implementation Team is curious about change and how best to make it happen within organisations; and no one quite knows what our Intelligence Team does to unearth new ways of understanding the digital health world.

See how ORCHA has helped others make digital health a success.


for Health and Care Organisations

85% of health and care apps fall below quality thresholds. ORCHA helps embed quality assured apps to safely transform health and care services.

for National Health Bodies

ORCHA is shaping the standards for digital health. We help deliver national accreditation programmes to meet your specific needs.

for Health and Care Professionals

Use our App Library to access thousands of app Reviews, and find and recommend the best health and care apps for your service users.

for Developers

We help good health apps to thrive by advising developers and helping apps get onto procurement frameworks.

for Education

ORCHA’s Digital Healthy Schools programme provides a digital health activation strategy for public health and local authorities.

Resource Centre

Download our reports and brochures

Our team of clinical and digital experts continually monitor and ask questions about digital health developments, providing impartial and up-to-date insights which can be accessed in our reports, brochures and opinion pieces.

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Search ORCHA’s App Library, featuring thousands of independent app reviews across a broad spectrum of health conditions. Every app is evaluated against more than 350 measures across Clinical/Professional Assurance, Data & Privacy, and Usability & Accessibility, making it easy for you to find the best apps for your needs.

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