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ORCHA digital health assessor holding an iPad, looking at ORCHA review engine on a laptop and computer screen.

Digital Health Frameworks

Our award-winning assessment technology enables assessments of digital health products against national scheme assessments 5,000 times faster than any other method.


We can assess to all existing Digital Health Assessment schemes, including DTAC, NordDEC and DHAF. We are part of the team developing future standards, including the ISO/TS 82304-2.


After each assessment, the platform:


  • Generates a report for the digital health supplier.
  • The output, including a product’s compliance status, can be made public or be restricted.
  • Identifies when a product is updated and requires another assessment.
ORCHA assessment platform shown on a laptop

Digital Health Scheme Builder

Build an accreditation programme with the right criteria for you. Start with the 600+ questions asked in ORCHA baseline or enhanced reviews, then add criteria unique to your needs, such as language or cultural requirements.


Whatever is needed, we can build it:


  • Test: Your accreditation programme will be tested in our sandpit with sample sets of assessment data.
  • Populate: Your platform can be pre-populated with the 6 million answers already held in our platform.
  • Manage: Run your programme with end to end visibility and reporting.

Digital Health Accreditation in the Nordics

“We said very clearly when we started out with this project, to the Nordic community, that we didn’t want to start from scratch – we wanted to build this on the best experience out there, and everyone was pointing towards ORCHA.”

Anders Tunold-Hanssen, CEO and Project Manager of the Nordic Interoperability Project (N!P)

We can create a national framework for you to assess cost effective digital health products, such as apps, to strengthen your health services and support your population. 


Let’s start building your vision for digital health, together.