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Annual Assessment Subscription service

Our ORCHA annual digital technology assessment subscription ensures you remain compliant with assessment frameworks and standards.


This includes a reassessment every time you update your digital health product and when there are updates to any standards and regulations in your chosen market.


You also get expert advice from our digital health assessors, an improvement report, and competitor benchmark reports.

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Digital health product assessment frameworks

With our assessment technology playing a key role in the development of assessment frameworks across the world, we can ensure your digital health product is compliant with frameworks:


  • US Digital Health Assessment Framework (DHAF)
  • UK Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC)
  • Nordic Digital Health Evaluation Criteria (NordDEC)


We are also involved in the development of upcoming assessment frameworks, such as the European ISO 82304-2, expected in the coming years.

100+ years combined expertise 

Learn from our years of experience in assessing digital health products 

Global reach 

Break into markets that will embrace your digital health product and drive growth 

Market insights

Get bespoke data to keep an eye on your competition and see how you perform 

Stay compliant

Keep your digital health product in the market with up to date assessment 

Case study

Three digital health suppliers share their experiences of working with ORCHA

“ORCHA provides a great platform and mechanism for people to search out information for themselves, where they can view credible and trustworthy information.

“For companies like us, it’s amazing to be part of an ecosystem that has been validated and that is proven to create value. We’ve been collaborating with ORCHA for several years now, and it’s always been an amazing partnership and collaboration.”

Felicia Vaz, Project Manager, FibriCheck

We can ensure your digital health product remains compliant, every time you update it and every time there is a change in standards.  


Take advantage of our award-winning technology, market insights and assessment expertise. 


Contact us today to find out more.