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Assessment technology

Our technology enables you to achieve your accreditation goals, be they to build a new assessment framework, run an existing scheme, outsource the end-to-end process, or assess a single product against a digital health assessment framework. Our technology is: 

  • Objective, accurate and fast.
  • Bespoke to your needs.
  • Built on international best practice.
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Digital health scheme builder

Create an assessment programme with the right standards for you. Develop accreditation criteria for your scheme, featuring both international best practice and regulations unique to your needs.


Translate your standards into an operational Digital Health Assessment Platform, with objective measures for each criteria and a suitable scoring model.


Your accreditation programme will be tested before launch to calibrate the outcomes.

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Run an accreditation scheme

Conduct rapid certification of health apps, with unmatched speed and accuracy. Our unique, end-to-end Digital Health Assessment Platform delivers objective, accurate and fast digital health product assessments.


The platform gives you end-to-end visibility and reporting. The output from the Assessment Platform can be made public or be restricted.


The platform is secure and scalable. You can choose who operates the platform, such as your team, third party suppliers, or ORCHA assessors.

  • What is your assessment technology?

    With our assessment technology platform we can create a bespoke digital health product assessment framework, that builds on globally accepted baseline assessment criteria, for your country or healthcare system.


    This allows you to focus your efforts on bespoke assessment requirements important to you, while benefitting from baseline assessment data already collected.


    Your own digital health product assessment framework will provide you with an efficient and systematic approach to assessing digital health products recommended by your healthcare professionals and used by your patients and citizens.


    Digital health suppliers, such as developers and innovators, will have clarity on the steps they must take to meet and pass your set of standards. And healthcare professionals, patients and citizens will have clear guidance on what a digital health product needs to demonstrate, building trust in digital health across your health and care ecosystem.


    We have been developing our assessment technology since 2015 and have helped create digital health product assessment frameworks for over 12 countries including the UK, US and Nordics.

  • How does your assessment technology work?

    Our assessment technology is cloud-based, so you can access it from anywhere, and assess digital health products at scale and at pace. To build your own digital health product assessment framework, underpinned by our technology, you start by choosing the domains you want to base your assessment on.


    Assessment domains include usability and accessibility, data and privacy, technical security, interoperability, and clinical and professional assurance.


    The platform provides a modular approach to building your digital health product assessment framework. You can prioritise which domains you want to include and benefit from the work we have undertaken with over 12 countries and over 20,000 digital health product assessments.


    A digital health product assessment framework helps you assess digital health products to your chosen standards, specific to the needs of the population you want to provide assurance for.

  • How much will it cost to create our own assessment framework?

    Please contact us through our free online contact form to see what our current offers are and speak to our team for next steps.

Case study

Digital Health Accreditation in the Nordics

“We found that ORCHA seemed to be the leading organisation for quality assurance of digital health, and since we have quite an ambitious goal for the Nordic countries, we saw it as better to then join forces with ORCHA and build upon the knowledge and the solutions that they already had.”

– Anders Tunold-Hanssen, CEO and Project Manager of the Nordic Interoperability Project (N!P)