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Training in digital health for all health and care professionals

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About the Digital Health Academy 

Our online Digital Health Academy equips your team with the knowledge to safely deliver digital health to patients and the public. Developed with the NHS and clinicians, the course content is evidence-based and CPD-accredited. It includes:

  • Free Foundation Modules to help build awareness of the digital health landscape.
  • Clinical courses to support recommending digital health products within a specific pathway, including winter pressures, MSK, mental health, maternity and diabetes.
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ORCHA Digital Health Academy video playing on laptop

Foundation modules

Our Digital Health Academy includes two free Foundation modules, each broken down into a collection of short videos:


  • Foundation module 1 includes around 45 minutes of learning time, covering the current digital health landscape
  • Foundation module 2 includes around 40 minutes of learning, and covers digital health prescriptions in more detail


CPD certificates are available upon completion of each module.

ORCHA Digital Health Academy video playing on iPad and mobile smartphone

Clinical courses

Available through our Digital Health Formulary, the Digital Health Academy contains clinical courses that are presented by clinicians.


Clinical courses look at the evidence base of digital health products, such as apps, and include case studies. Topics include:


  • Winter pressures
  • Musculoskeletal (MSK) elective care
  • Mental health
  • Maternity care
  • Diabetes
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Get convenient access

We can embed the Digital Health Academy into your existing software or e-learning platform to make it easy and convenient to access for your team.


Our Developer and Customer Success teams will help set this up for you and provide you with any support you need.


  • What is the Digital Health Academy?

    At ORCHA we have created the Digital Health Academy to help you learn about what digital health is and the opportunities there are to integrate digital health into your practice. We also offer ways you can recommend digital health products, such as apps, to your patients and people who use your services.


    There are two CPD-accredited Foundation modules which are available to everyone for free, and these were created in collaboration with the NHS in the UK and Boehringer Ingelheim.


    There are modules within the Digital Health Academy that focus on key clinical areas, such as mental health. Clinical modules are available if you purchase a Pro Account or an annual assessment subscription package.

  • How do I access the Digital Health Academy?

    You can access the Digital Health Academy by signing up or logging in here at our dedicated website, with Foundation modules one and two for free.


    For access to clinical modules, you will need a Pro Account or an annual assessment subscription package.


    We can also embed the Digital Health Academy into software that you already use, please get in touch to find out how.

  • How much does it cost to access the Digital Health Academy?

    Please contact us through our free online contact form to see what our current offers are and speak to our team for next steps.


UK’s first digital health training programme for all NHS frontline staff

“COVID-19 accelerated the rapid adoption of digital health across health and care services and the need to embed digital health in the long term. We are delighted that ORCHA has contributed its Digital Health Academy foundation content to the Learning Hub and look forward to hosting new content in the future, further supporting health and care professionals in their roles.”

– Dr Neil Ralph, Head of Health Education England Technology Enhanced Learning