ORCHA India Data Protection Mark (OIDPM)

Your Gateway to Quality Assurance in Data and Privacy.

OIDPM assessment

The OIDPM assessment will quickly and accurately assess your digital health product against the required standards in Data and Privacy as defined by the Indian Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023.

Following your assessment:

  • If you pass you will get a OIDPM certified badge, that you can display online and be surfaced in the ORCHA Alpha MD Compliance Portal.
  • If your product does not yet meet the criteria, you will receive a confidential report detailing improvement recommendations.
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Increase your credibility

With continuous compliance against key legislation.

Support 1.4bn people

Reach and support up to 1.4 billion people with your digital health product across India.

Your recognised quality mark

Gain an ORCHA assessment score and badge, globally renowned as a mark of quality.

Grow your reach globally

Cross more borders with your OIDPM certification serving as a stepping stone to global compliance.

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Get your product assessed against the OIDPM

The OIDPM assessment is available as part of an ORCHA Alpha level one assessment service.


This includes a range of benefits including:


  • Comprehensive Assessment: OIDPM initiates a series of transformative products, reshaping the digital health landscape in India. Elevate your product to new heights.
  • Rapid Evaluation: Get timely insights into your product’s compliance with data protection regulations. Our swift assessment process ensures you’re always ahead.
  • Global Standards Compliance: Align with Indian regulations and go beyond. OIDPM sets a path towards compliance with global industry standards, offering a broader perspective for your product’s global performance.
  • Recognition of Excellence: A successful OIDPM assessment earns you an approved badge, a symbol of high quality and compliance, fostering trust among professionals.
  • Market Growth Opportunities: Inclusion in our compliance portal aims to opens doors to seamless integration into healthcare systems across India. Propel your product towards unparalleled growth.
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  • What is the ORCHA India Data Protection Mark (OIDPM)?

    The ORCHA India Data Protection Mark (OIDPM) is a collaborative initiative between ORCHA (Organisation for the Review of Health and Care Apps) and Alpha MD, aimed at setting new standards for data privacy and protection in the Indian digital health sector. OIDPM Is designed to ensure that digital health products, such as apps, comply with the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023 in India.


    The OIDPM is an introductory assessment that evaluates digital health products against over 100 review points, emphasising compliance with data protection regulations. A successful OIDPM assessment grants innovators an approved badge of excellence, signifying high-quality standards and compliance. The assessment process is rapid, independent, and objective, providing digital health innovators with a clear understanding of their product’s compliance status.

  • How can I assess my digital health product against the OIDPM?

    To express interest in the assessment please contact us through our (link to) free online contact form.


    We can assess your digital health product, or health app, against the OIDPM, as part of our annual assessment subscription service.

  • How much does a OIDPM assessment cost?

    Please contact us through our free online contact form to see what our current offers are and speak to our team for the next steps or request an assessment.


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Case study

Three digital health suppliers share their experiences of working with ORCHA

“ORCHA provides a great platform and mechanism for people to search out information for themselves, where they can view credible and trustworthy information. For companies like us, it’s amazing to be part of an ecosystem that has been validated and that is proven to create value. We’ve been collaborating with ORCHA for several years now, and it’s always been an amazing partnership and collaboration.” – Felicia Vaz, Project Manager, FibriCheck