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Health and care organisations

We can help you take advantage of the benefits of adding digital health to traditional care pathways. These benefits help lift the burden of:

  • Long patient waiting lists
  • Reduced financial resources
  • An increased demand for services
  • Gaps in staff availability. 


Our technology is easy to integrate with existing NHS infrastructure, including the NHS App and EPRs and places minimal demands on NHS IT and digital transformation resources. A typical roll-out across a system requires three months. 


Products include our Health App Library and Digital Health Formulary, all with built-in risk management.

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Digital health innovators

We can help you find out which standards and regulations you need to meet for the markets you want to target, how you can stay compliant and give you insights on your competition. 


Find out how our annual assessment subscription can help your digital health product, or health app, break into and stay in the UK, US and Nordic market. 

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National health bodies

We have helped shape standards and regulations for digital health products, and health apps, in over 12 countries, including the UK, US and Nordics.  


Now we can help you build your own assessment technology to improve health outcomes in your population. Set your own standards and regulations, and screen digital health products with a cost-effective, scalable, and fast accreditation system. 

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Life sciences

Our data scientists, health economic researchers and clinical specialists can help you get the data and market insights you need to support your digital health strategy.  


Access our market intelligence services to make confident investment decisions. Our team can provide you with bespoke digital health market reports or a data insight dashboard attuned to your goals. 

Seven Integrated Care Systems roll out ORCHA across the South West

“It was a no-brainer to roll out an App Library powered by ORCHA. For safety, practical and effectiveness reasons, it’s a foundation platform that every part of the health and social care teams should have access to.”

The Ministry of Mental Health Services in the Netherlands establish a health app evaluation programme with ORCHA

“Feedback has been extremely positive. People welcome the trusted information on the apps that are in the library.”

N!P build the world’s first cross-border digital health accreditation system powered by ORCHA

“This programme provides suppliers with an attractive platform to reach the whole of the Nordics healthcare system, breaking down current barriers to market access.”

My Life Plan completes the DTAC with ORCHA

“ORCHA’s experts have been very clear and have broken down all the complexity so it’s become manageable.”

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust introduces a Health App Library into its stop smoking service

“Since introducing the remote service, including the telephone support, online quit program and Health App Library, 72% of participants remained a non-smoker after 4 weeks.”

Digital health supports social prescribers in Humber and North Yorkshire

“Without ORCHA, I just would not have ever considered recommending any app at all. So for me, it’s opened up a completely new world. And therefore, it’s influenced me. It’s made me a better practitioner because I have more tools available to me”

How LMA supports students with digital health

“Having these apps to hand to be able to recommend to our students to fill that gap really helps – some students didn’t need to access the support that their doctors were referring them to because they’re tapped into these apps”