We take a unique approach to digital health, providing solutions that ensure only trustworthy digital technology is adopted across health and care organisations


Our Review assesses Clinical Assurance, Data Privacy, and Usability.


We provide transparency on the quality of digital health solutions.


Our Digital Health Libraries support populations across the globe.


Professionals use ORCHA to prescribe apps directly to service users.

Reviews for trusted digital health

ORCHA defines what is good in digital health. Our independent review process identifies those health and care apps that have clinical merit, are safe and quality assured, and monitors them on an ongoing basis, ensuring they remain safe and secure for healthcare professionals and individuals alike.

ORCHA’s Review Engine is the most advanced review mechanism for health and care apps available anywhere. Beginning with a weekly analysis of all apps on the Apple App Store and Google Play, the review process encompasses more than 300 measures, assessing for compliance with all of the relevant clinical, data and usability standards, to ensure that any health or care app that meets ORCHA’s quality threshold is the best on the market.

Libraries to raise awareness and provide access

A health app may be amazing, but if health and care professionals and individuals are not aware of its existence, it will fail to have the desired impact. With hundreds of thousands of health and care apps currently available to download, it’s ORCHA that filters the best from the rest.

How? By building bespoke health and care App Libraries of assessed digital health solutions that make it easy to discover, learn about and download the right app for you or your service users. Each Library is customised to meet the needs of your patients or service users, with extensive testing, user experience, accessibility requirements and conversion rate optimisation considerations factored into the design and build, making the Library as effective as possible.

Professional accounts from the digital health authority

When you require a reference point, you turn to the most authoritative source of information you can find. Whether that’s your national formulary or a diagnostic manual, you’ll turn to a trusted source of information. When you require a reference point for digital health, turn to ORCHA.

ORCHA’s review process, App Libraries and Pro Accounts are rooted in expertise and knowledge and are trusted by health and care systems across the world. Work with ORCHA and you’ll be able to recommend digital health solutions to your patients and service users with confidence.

Discover more about ORCHA’s professional app recommendation tool.

Implementation to integrate digital health

Digital health can have a transformative impact upon health outcomes, yet it’s vital that it is effectively integrated into care pathways. Complex healthcare systems require intelligent integration, and ORCHA’s implementation model ensures just that.

ORCHA will work with you to ensure the right digital health products, get to the right people, at the right time, maximising the impact of digital health by improving awareness, access and trust amongst health and care professionals and service users alike.

Find out how ORCHA can integrate digital health into your organisation now.

Commissioning that makes digital health add up

Digital health offers not only improved health outcomes at scale, but also a significantly higher return on investment than traditional healthcare interventions. However, these savings can only be fully realised if the digital health solutions are commissioned in the right way, at the right time, from the right sources.

ORCHA supports health and care professionals and organisations to procure digital health solutions quickly and at scale through our Dynamic Purchasing System. This system ensures that suppliers comply with strict rules around patient safety and data standards, providing an easy to access, safe and compliant way to procure health and care apps. It’s a system which has been proven to provide financial sustainability for health and care organisations and app developers alike.

What our clients say

“By working with ORCHA to create an online platform of apps that are safe for our young people to use, we know that we can encourage more young people to reach out for help, and, therefore, we can save more young lives.”

– Lisa Roxby, Papyrus, the UK Charity for the Prevention of Young Suicide

What our clients say

“ORCHA powers our health app library. They help us to break down the barriers and mitigate issues around digital health. Thanks to ORCHA, we are building the trust with clinical teams and have put in place the tools and governance they need.”

– Crystal Dennis, Interim Lead for Public Facing Digital Health Services, Our Dorset Digital

What our clients say

“ORCHA has helped us in a way we could never have helped ourselves. The breadth and depth of analysis that needs to go into the very many apps that are out there would not be achievable. ORCHA has helped us to hone down from a huge field of players available to those that are applicable in our environment.”

– Rachel Dunscombe, member of Healthtech Advisory Board, CEO of the NHS Digital Academy, global (non-US) leader and senior evangelist at KLAS, the collaborative of 170 healthcare organisations across 10 countries

What our clients say

“All physiotherapists should be incorporating some part of digital in the way they practice. If physiotherapists are digitally aware, digitally ready, and technology enabled then they can become better physiotherapists and provide better services to our patients. We’re working with ORCHA to try and enable our physios to be able to confidently recommend worthwhile apps to their service users, and for our members to use for their own benefit.”

– Euan McComiskie, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

What our clients say

“It gives you, in essence, a kitemark. Having something like ORCHA is a gamechanger because you can direct patients towards apps that will support the clinical information that you’re giving them.”

– Dr Devender Roberts, Maternity Clinical Director, Consultant in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine to the Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust

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