Case Study

Holly Health Partners with ORCHA to Drive Strong Health Outcomes


Holly Health, a digital health and wellbeing coaching tool, has been instrumental in supporting patients within primary care networks in changing behaviours and habits sustainably. By leveraging digital tools, Holly Health aims to reduce the burden on clinical teams and healthcare costs while empowering individuals to take charge of their health.

Chronic conditions contribute significantly to NHS pressures, with many being preventable through lifestyle changes. Holly Health sought to address this challenge by providing affordable, personalised health and wellbeing support via an intuitive and engaging app.

Holly Health is a personalised, digital health coaching app, designed to support people to develop sustainable health behaviours, aiming to reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Supporting their work, Holly Health partnered with ORCHA, a leading company specialising in assessing and validating digital health technologies, to ensure compliance and trust in their product. Through rigorous evaluation and validation processes, ORCHA helped Holly Health establish credibility and reliability, essential factors in the adoption of digital health solutions.

Primary care networks utilising Holly Health’s digital coaching tool have witnessed remarkable results. Data analysis revealed a reduction in GP appointments among users, with significant improvements in health outcomes. Notably, patients with conditions like Type 2 diabetes and Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease experienced fewer appointments per year, showcasing the effectiveness of the digital tool in managing chronic conditions.

Holly Health has facilitated the delivery of personalised support to over 35,000 individuals across more than 180 NHS primary care partnerships. In regions like the Scottish Ayrshire area, where the service was deployed, significant improvements in mental wellbeing and exercise levels were observed among users.

Alexia Pellowe, Clinical Director at NHS Ayrshire & Arran, emphasised the meaningful impact of Holly Health’s approach, stating, “It’s encouraging to see change start to happen as we make meaningful person-centred gains with patient outcomes along with demonstrating cost efficiencies.”

Steve Woodford, Non-Executive Director, NHS England, hailed Holly Health as an exemplar of innovation essential for empowering individuals to maintain well-being proactively.

Future Outlook
With a focus on prevention and early intervention, Holly Health aims to further alleviate long-term healthcare pressures through scalable digital solutions. By enabling individuals to manage their health effectively, Holly Health is poised to drive positive health outcomes and contribute to the sustainability of healthcare systems.