Check your app against the NHS DTAC


The measure of what makes a good app is extremely important when embracing digital health across the NHS. As the world of what looks good is evolving, health bodies need an easy to access way to know which are good and which are not.

ORCHA supports more than 60% of the NHS in reviewing apps against the appropriate standards. We regularly update the ORCHA Baseline Review (OBR), to ensure new important medical, IT and usability standards are included.

Another new standard in digital health has now been launched. Developed by NHSX, the Digital Technology Assessment Criteria for health and social care (DTAC) is a new advisory assessment criteria for commissioning digital health technologies.

70% of its criteria is already covered by the OBR. The OBR also includes key criteria set out in other standards.  For example, it includes checks adapted from the NICE Evidence Standard for Digital Health Technologies Framework.

We are able to support developers and health and care providers who want to have apps assessed against all of the DTAC criteria.  This may be an app you have developed or apps you use as part of practice.

For developers: We can help you see if your technology meets the DTAC criteria.  We can support you if your technology has or hasn’t already been assessed against the OBR.

For health and care providers: We can help you add DTAC checks to all apps in an existing or new App Library.

Please get in touch to request a review and to discuss the options available today.

As you would expect, once we have assessed any app to the DTAC standards on behalf of any NHS or Local Government Client, we will of course make that assessment available for all to help avoid duplication of effort across the system and to share the burden of assessment across all our client community.