Three key takeaways revealed


Diet and Weight Loss Apps Rating Map

An overweight population is a major concern for health bodies worldwide. Obesity has nearly tripled worldwide since 1975, and, today, more than 1.9 billion adults are overweight (World Health Organisation). Yet, with intervention, weight loss is possible.

Out of Australia, the Americas, the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and South-East Asia, Australia had the highest share of adults that are obese, with this figure standing at 29% of Australian adults (Our World in Data).

ORCHA has reviewed more than 170 of the market’s most downloaded Level 2 Diet and Weight Loss Apps to see if there is scope for digital health interventions, such as mHealth apps, to contribute towards combating obesity. Our Review looks at more than 260 criteria across three main components: Data Security (DS), Clinical Assurance (CA) and User Experience (UX).

Find out below why nearly 3/4 of these apps (72%) should be used with caution.

Our 3D chart reveals 3 key takeaways:

1.       Amongst the apps that scored above our quality threshold (65%), OurPath (circled purple) scored exceptionally high, with a score of 90% across both iOS and Android.
2.       The App circled yellow, Gluten-Free Living, highlights that scoring well in two of the three domains isn’t enough to always push you into the 65%+ banding. The App scored well in Clinical Assurance and User Experience but exceptionally poorly in Data Security.
3.      Of the 172 Apps, 22 were Green, 125 were Amber and 25 were Red. This indicates that most Level 2 Diet and Weight Loss Apps fall into ORCHA’s ‘use with caution’ category.

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