Digital health for cancer services: Report

A reported 40,000 fewer people started cancer treatment in 2020 due to COVID-19. As a result, for years to come, cancer services will need to diagnose and treat substantially more people, with many requiring urgent care.

Throughout the pandemic NHS teams adopted new technologies to ensure as many patients as possible could get the care they need. Digital health offers a wealth of features such as patient reported outcome collection, remote monitoring and self-management in real time. There is growing evidence of the benefit to integrating digital into routine supportive care in oncology practice to provide improved patient-centered care. So to extend support again now, digital health should continue to be part of the solution.

ORCHA helps NHS services and leading cancer charities to make informed decisions on digital health, ensuring vital standards are met.

Click on the PDF icon below to download the Digital Health for Cancer Services Report, and discover:

  • How is digital being used in oncology now?
  • Why do only 24.7% of digital health for cancer meet quality thresholds?
  • 5 of ORCHA’s 50 listed health apps for cancer
  • What’s next?

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