Digital Health in Primary Care

Empowering patients with trusted technology

Watch our Primary Care case study

65% of patients want to receive treatment with digital health.

Such technologies can streamline many of your QOF targets, enabling you to perform and record actions accurately, efficiently, and remotely. They will also be an increasingly vital toolkit for the new ARSS roles. Get in touch to discuss how we can help de-risk your digital transformation plans.

Watch our Primary Care case study

Our digital health libraries ensure primary care uses digital health products that meet NHS digital health standards.


Find out more about our primary care services and see how nurses in primary care across Bradford and Craven CCG are supporting patients with digital health.

ORCHA is the global leader in providing access to trusted digital health technologies

Our agile end-to-end technology allows us to review and certify digital health technology at unmatched speed, 5,000x faster than anyone else.

This enables us to provide safe, accredited, compliant and trusted digital health libraries, which today hold thousands of assessed products.

We’re trusted by NICE, Public Health England, NHS England, CQC, Royal Colleges, and NHS organisations.

Learn how we can help you

Digital health is a rapidly evolving market, yet one name remains a constant: ORCHA. Trusted by health and care systems, app developers and populations across the world, we can unlock the power of digital health for you.

In our brief introduction video, our founding CEO, Liz Ashall-Payne, gives an insight into how our digital health methodology can improve outcomes for service users, deliver savings and open up efficiencies for health and care organisations, and help app developers improve and gain adoption of their app.


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