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Digital Healthy Schools: Your Questions, Answered

Saira Arif

Implementation Manager, ORCHA

1. Can I find out the most popular searches?

Our reports give you new insight into the needs of your pupils. You can find out which health conditions and apps are being searched for on your Digital Healthy Schools site.  You can also see which apps have been viewed and downloaded.

To find out more and to set up receiving reports for your school’s DHS site, please email Emily Hawley, Customer Success Manager, at emily.hawley@orcha.co.uk.

2. How do I recommend apps to students?

Lots of schools use the AppFinder as a tool within their pastoral care provision, as the platform features the ability for teachers and support staff to find and discretely recommend apps to students via text or email, to make sure students use the correct app.

You can keep track of all your recommendations and see which students have downloaded the recommended app.

To switch on this feature, teachers can request a recommending account by sending an email to Emily at: emily.hawley@orcha.co.uk

3. How can I promote Digital Healthy Schools in my school?

We know you won’t achieve your ambitions to improve the health of your pupils with our programme if you don’t shout about it, so we’ve got lots of resources to help you to promote the programme to teachers and pupils.  From posters, postcards, website banners, to Instagram gifs, we have a wealth of resources to help you.

To discuss how we can help supply you with the right material, please email hello@orcha.co.uk