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to tackle the elective backlog

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Empower elective care patients and reduce system wide pressures.


The elective backlog is one of the most pressing challenges the NHS now faces. Confirmed as an NHS 2022/23 priority, digital leaders are now looking to identify and roll out proven digital technologies that can ease the elective backlog pressure.


93% of healthcare professionals believe digital health can improve a patient’s health and 65% of patients are advocates. 


But it is not just about buying more technology, it’s about choosing the right portfolio of technologies. The products that will deliver the biggest impact, that professionals and the public can trust.

Elective Care 2022/23 Digital Health Toolkit

Based on a horizon scan of all 291,451 digital health products and an expert assessment of the most suitable 15,789 products, objectively checking for 350 essential standards and measures, our Elective Care Digital Health Toolkit gives you access to the best portfolio for the backlog:

  • Verified to meet clinical safety, data security and accessibility standards.
  • Mapped to clear stages in your patient pathway.
  • Reducing duplication from other technologies or processes.
  • Managed from a single platform for digital prescriptions.
  • Tracking of all products for ongoing compliance and effective risk management.


ORCHA’s products and services are listed on several frameworks, including the G-Cloud framework, to ensure procurement and invoicing can be completed by the end of Q4, ready to meet NHS 2022/23 priorities and deliver results.