The most significant market developments from the last month


Latest news from ORCHA!

Our team of experts continually monitor, assess and ask questions, so they can give consumers, professionals and health and care bodies across the world accurate, impartial and up to date advice on finding the best apps.

Here, we pick the most significant market developments from over the past month:

What is the importance of improving the quality and safety of health apps? This literature review shows how valuable ORCHA’s App Review process is in providing transparency about which apps are safe to use. Read the review here, which explores ‘Safety concerns with consumer-facing mobile health applications and their consequences’:

The Local Growth Hub has allowed ORCHA to scale at pace, growing to a now global company. Watch this video from Local Growth Hub for an insight into how we have worked with them, and a inside look at ORCHA’s work distributing great digital health for populations across the world:

How are we working with charity Patient Safety Learning to improve the safety of health and care apps? ORCHA want to ensure that safe and effective digital health is accessible to all for multiple health conditions, especially as only 15% of apps that we review meet our quality threshold. Read more here:

Does digital training need to be embedded into clinical workstreams in order to avoid a knowledge gap forming? Read our interview with Digital Health here:

We are entering into a strategic, international partnership with Dutch eHealth knowledge platform NeLL (National eHealth Living Lab) to support the delivery, implementation and scaling-up of safe & effective health apps. Learn more here.