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ORCHA’s research expertise

ORCHA is the world’s leading reviewer of digital health products – but our in-house experts also monitor industry trends and commission their own research:

  • Our data analysts regularly gauge trends in health app usage by health and care professionals and citizens.
  • Our team of public health researchers, led by Dr Simon Leigh, routinely undertake peer-reviewed academic research – both independently and in partnership with academics worldwide – into the clinical and economic performance of digital health products.

The facts below may be useful background, but if there’s something you want to know and it isn’t listed, just ask us.

All our new research is also published on our news feed.

The digital health market

  • There are currently 311,000 health apps available worldwide. 261,500 are available in the US and 227,500 in the UK (September 2022)
  • The global digital health market will be worth £320bn by 2024 and the UK market is expected to be worth £23.98bn by 2025. Global Market Insights
  • 85% of all apps downloaded have less than 5,000 downloads in total.
  • Only 84 individual apps have been downloaded more than 10m times.

How consumers are using apps

  • We annually commission an independent consumer survey. Our 2022 research found that:
    • Eighty-three per cent of people surveyed who have used a health app found it actively helped to improve their health and wellbeing.
    • Fifty-five per cent had had an app recommended by a health or care professional and the most active recommenders had been GPs and pharmacists (in 11% and 10% of cases respectively).
    • Those aged from 18 to 44 would choose digital health to support a mental health condition over and above prescription medication, such as an antidepressant.

How healthcare professionals are using apps

  • Our research team monitored the number of searches for health apps by healthcare professionals during the pandemic (
    • Searches for digital health products increased by 343% following the first lockdown.
    • Searches for MSK and physiotherapy products increased by 2036% and those for allergy and fitness/diet increased by 1253% and 1051% respectively.
    • 92% of medical condition areas saw an increase in searches.

Facts about ORCHA

  • ORCHA works in 12 countries (US, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Ireland and Israel) across 4 continents (Europe, Asia, North America and Australia)
  • ORCHA supplies digital health libraries in 70% of NHS regions.
  • We have conducted 20,042 assessments of digital health products (September 22), more than anyone else in the world.
  • 75% of health apps fail to pass our review process. This means they cannot be included on our digital health libraries.

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Founded by NHS clinicians, ORCHA is the world’s leading digital health evaluation and distribution organisation. We provide services to national health bodies across three continents, including the NHS in 50% of UK regions, delivering national accreditation frameworks, bespoke Digital Health Libraries, and professional recommendation tools, specific to the needs of our clients. ORCHA’s unique Review Engine assesses digital health solutions against more than 350 measures across Clinical/Professional Assurance, Data & Privacy, and Usability & Accessibility, plus additional criteria depending on needs.