We are proud to support Northern Ireland’s new Health App Library


Northern Ireland Health Minister Announces New Health App Library Launch

On 5th May, Northern Ireland’s Minister of Health announced as part of NI’s Coronavirus News Conference that a new health App Library has been launched to help people manage their health and wellbeing, as part of the NI Government’s COVID-19 response. We are delighted to have worked with Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland (HSCNI), in collaboration with the Department of Health in NI, to facilitate this App Library.

Our aim is to continue helping health and care organisations to embed safe digital health into care pathways, and allow patients to access assured apps to help with self-management during the COVID-19 crisis.

Health Minister, Robin Swann, explained:

“Since taking up post as Health Minister I have made mental health and wellbeing a priority. In these unprecedented times it is hugely important to consider the impact that this deadly virus can have on our lives, including the impact on mental health and wellbeing.


“We must support people to look after their mental health and this new Apps library will provide a one stop shop where the public can access safe and secure apps to help them during the pandemic.”


Click below to watch the NI Health Minister announce the App Library launch: