Introducing the OIDPM Badge

Unveiling the ORCHA India Data Protection Badge: Setting New Standards in Digital Health

ORCHA, in collaboration with Alpha MD, is delighted to unveil the ORCHA India Data Protection Mark (OIDPM). This innovative badge marks a significant milestone in the response to the Indian Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023, setting new benchmarks for data protection and compliance within the healthcare and technology industries in India.

The OIDPM is focused on ensuring the highest levels of data protection in digital health solutions. Developed in alignment with the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023, the assessment, badge and certificate offers a comprehensive framework for evaluating and demonstrating compliance with these stringent data protection regulations.

It provides innovators with a clear and standardised mechanism for assessing and showcasing data protection compliance, building trust among users, healthcare professionals, and regulatory bodies alike. This supports new opportunities for market growth, collaboration, and recognition within the digital health ecosystem.