ORCHA and Alpha MD Forge Strategic Partnership to Revolutionise Digital Health Delivery in India

Leaders in Digital Health Join Forces to Introduce Groundbreaking Products

ORCHA, the Organisation for the Review of Health and Care Apps, and Alpha MD, a leading player in healthcare innovation, are proud to announce a strategic partnership aimed at shaping and supporting digital health delivery in India. The collaboration will kick off with the launch of the ORCHA India Data Protection Mark (OIDPM), the first in a series of pioneering products set to transform the landscape of digital health in India.

Digital health is at the forefront of the healthcare revolution, providing innovative solutions that have the power to redefine patient care and outcomes. However, to fully harness the potential of these technologies, trust and compliance are paramount. The OIDPM, a brainchild of the ORCHA-Alpha MD partnership, is specifically designed to address these critical aspects.

The OIDPM is an introductory assessment that evaluates digital health products against over 100 review points, ensuring compliance with the Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023. This rapid, independent, and objective assessment provides digital health innovators with a clear understanding of their product’s compliance status. Successful assessment will grant innovators an approved badge that opens doors to inclusion in the ORCHA Alpha MD compliance portal.

Key benefits of the ORCHA Alpha MD Partnership:

  1. Comprehensive digital health assessment: The OIDPM sets the stage for a series of groundbreaking products aimed at transforming the digital health landscape in India.
  2. Rapid, objective and independent evaluation: Digital health technologies undergo a thorough assessment within 20 days, providing innovators with timely insights into their product’s compliance with data protection regulations.
  3. Global Industry Standards Compliance: The OIDPM not only aligns with Indian regulations but draws on the Data Privacy section of the ORCHA Baseline Review which covers over 350 review points used within 70% of global industry standards, giving innovators a broader perspective on their product’s performance globally.
  4. Recognition of Excellence: Successful assessment grants innovators an approved badge, a symbol of high quality and compliance that facilitates trust among health and care professionals.
  5. Market Growth Opportunities: Inclusion in compliance portals will open doors to market growth opportunities, allowing DPDPA compliant digital health products to be seamlessly integrated into healthcare systems across India.


Quote from Liz Ashall-Payne, CEO, ORCHA:

“As leaders in digital health, ORCHA is excited to partner with Alpha MD to set a new gold standard in healthcare technology standards for India. The ORCHA India Data Protection Mark (OIDPM) signifies our commitment to robust data protection and excellence, positioning Indian healthcare apps for global recognition.”

Quote from Jiggs Barasara, CEO, Alpha MD

“The Alpha MD and ORCHA partnership is pivotal, fortifying Indian healthcare apps for the evolving landscape of healthcare technology standards. This strategic partnership ensures robust data protection and positions these applications for global recognition, setting the gold standard for India’s health ecosystem.”

Quote from Harjinder Kang,  His Majesty’s Trade Commissioner for South Asia and Deputy High Commissioner for Western India

“Digital health and technology is evidently transforming health care across the globe. Data protection and compliance are pivotal to the success of this new reality and I’m delighted to see UK-based ORCHA and India-based Alpha MD coming together for shaping, protecting and revolutionising digital health delivery in India. My best wishes to both companies as they fortify health care systems and enhance UK-India partnership.”


Fiona Costello, SVP Assurance Services, ORCHA – Fiona.costello@orchahealth.com 

Nishi Sharma, AVP Digital Governance, Alpha MD – Nishi.sharma@alphamd.com


ORCHA is a global leader in digital health technology assurance and activation, helping healthcare professionals, commissioners, and the public to discover health apps that can make a positive impact on health outcomes. The ORCHA Assure platform is used by organisations around the world to support the identification, assurance and implementation of safe and effective digital health technologies.

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