Phase 1 effectively went live in January 2017. 


ORCHA and Lancashire Evaluation – Phase 1 Pilot Report

Lancashire Evaluation Report Summary

Phase 1 effectively went live in January 2017. Although the platform was live before this, this was still in the early testing phase and initial project mobilisation period and as such the platform wasn’t truly active.

Between January to July 2017, the platform:

  • Attracted over 3,000 visits. With average visitor numbers moving towards 1,000 visits per month in June 2017.

This resulted in:

  • Over 1400 App searches being undertaken
  • 110 Professional and Patient user registrations with a final quarter average of 27 registrations per month and
  • 88 App recommendations

The Phase 1 pilot identified a huge number of lessons learnt as we hoped it would and has led to a significant shift in user acquisition and conversion strategies alongside significant improvements in the overall platform features and performance.

We approach Phase 2 armed with a substantial array of tangible initiatives that we are confident will significantly accelerate the wider adoption and dissemination of the platform and the consequential wider digital activation of the Lancashire and South Cumbria clinical teams and population.