ORCHA Published in Healthcare Enablers 2020

We are proud to have contributed to Healthcare Enablers 2020, a new publication that explores how we can work together to make healthcare technology an integral part of our healthcare system.

On pages 22 and 23 of the publication, ORCHA’s Founding CEO, Liz Ashall-Payne, and Health Economist, Simon Leigh, discuss the ways in which COVID-19 has given us a platform to unlock the potential of digital health.

The publication aims to increase the knowledge about technological developments in healthcare, in order to strengthen the ability to innovate. Partly driven by the COVID-19 crisis, interest in digital solutions is growing rapidly among health and care professionals, patients, and health and care organisations.

But the possibilities are endless.

That is why Healthcare Enablers consolidates a yearly selection of technologies that they believe can really help healthcare. To inspire, but also to enable us together to pick the low-hanging fruit of new technologies and to work towards a sustainable healthcare system where quality and efficiency go hand in hand.

To download the free eBook of Healthcare Enablers 2020, please click here.

Learn more about the publication in the video above.