Digital Health Report: National Attitudes & Behaviours in the UK Today

Digital health underpins the NHS future of a more patient-centred and sustainable healthcare service. National targets have been set out in the NHS Long Term Plan, and they have been recently supported by national standards in the NHS Digital Technology Assessment Criteria (DTAC). Commissioners and providers are taking this direction to ensure a consistent experience of using digital health products, levelling up the playing field and connecting systems.

However, in order to build a sustainable digital transformation plan, it is important to gain a view of what is happening now.

To give an accurate picture, ORCHA commissioned independent research to ask people in the UK what they think of digital health, how they are using it, and if they want the NHS to provide it. ORCHA commissioned OnePoll to conduct an independent online poll of 2,000 UK residents, to better understand the nation’s true opinions and actions.

Download our report by clicking the PDF icon below to discover:

  • The people that are most responsive to Digital Health

  • The percentage of the UK who have interacted with Digital Health and the satisfaction rate

  • Which NHS and Care professionals are most active in recommending Digital Health

  • The opportunity gap for NHS and social care services

  • And so much more.


If you have any questions about the report, the current state of digital health, or any of our services here at ORCHA, simply email James at