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ORCHA checks against all major international standards. The majority of digital health products fail to meet quality thresholds.


Combining 262,000 digital health products with 17,000 assessments, containing 350+ measures, gives millions of data points and rich insights.


Health providers around the world choose to partner with ORCHA to safely access the opportunities digital health offers.


The majority of healthcare professionals want to use digital, but first want evidence its safe.

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  1. Digital Health Assessment: How to provide assurance that your digital health products are safe to recommend to patients and how our streamlined service for accreditations identifies a digital health product’s compliance
  2. Business Intelligence: How our business intelligence services can save you time and resources
  3. Sponsorship: How to build brand advocacy through the sponsorship of our unique, scalable online digital health educational programmes for healthcare professionals.

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Market Intelligence

Our market intelligence services give life science brands new and exclusive insights in this rapidly evolving market, help you to make informed digital health program and product decisions.

ORCHA holds the world’s largest data set for digital health:

– Weekly AI web scrape of 365,000 products, categorized across multiple domains

– Live database of 17,000 digital health product assessments against 350+ measures

– Providing access to unique market insights to help discover the digital health opportunities in each therapeutic area.

Our research team, consisting of data scientists, health economic researchers, and a team of 20 clinical specialists, works with you to not only interrogate the raw data, but build a deeper examination of the market to answer your questions.

Reviews and Accreditations

Our intelligent digital health platform and specialist team provide the independent validation needed to build trust for your products.

– Our in-depth assessments look for a digital health product’s compliance against essential standards needed for assurance, covering the four key pillars of quality: Data and Privacy, Security,  Accessibility, and Professional Assurance.

– Our ORCHA Baseline Review is the most comprehensive independent assessment model available, assessing a product against 350+ objective measures. We also assess products against specific international Digital Health Frameworks such as the US Digital Health Assessment Framework, the NHS DTAC and the European ISO 82304-2. Where desired, we also add additional criteria to build a unique standard, to meet your precise needs.

–  Our agile end-to-end technology allows us to review and certify digital health technology at unmatched speed, 5,000x faster than anyone. This has allowed us to conduct 16,000 reviews to date and re-review products after up-dates, ensuring checks for continued compliance are in place.

Digital Health Academy

A world first in training for healthcare professionals, the Digital Health Academy gives brands the opportunity to build reputation within digital health.

– Nationally, 93% of healthcare professionals believe that digital health tools can improve patients’ health, but they do not have the skills or knowledge to put this motivation into practice.

–  Organizations are now looking to upskill and equip health and care professionals with a set of digital health competencies.

The Digital Health Academy is the first CPD-accredited online training center for all health and care professionals. The Academy:

– Gives the knowledge, skills and confidence to safely use digital health in practice.

– Is a center of excellence in digital healthcare education

– Was launched in the UK to NHS professionals in 2021 and holds the vision for delivering a world-leading, digitally ready workforce.

To deliver the Academy at pace, there is a tremendous opportunity for brand leaders in healthcare, who can help shape this venture.

ORCHA partners with Boehringer Ingelheim UK & Ireland

“Supporting the health and care workforce is a critical priority and the ORCHA Digital Health Academy is a unique and much-needed resource that will enable primary and secondary care professionals to be confident in all things digital, keeping pace with a fast-changing and increasingly technology-focused healthcare environment.”
Uday Bose, Managing Director and Head of Human Pharma at Boehringer Ingelheim UK & Ireland


The Digital Health Academy foundational level has been made available through sponsorship support from Boehringer Ingelheim UK and Ireland.

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