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Our Review assesses Clinical Assurance, Data Privacy, and Usability.


We investigate and inform on the quality of digital health.


Professionals trust ORCHA for prescribing apps directly to service users.


The public, service users and patients have a great rate of engagement with ORCHA app recommendations.

Bespoke Digital Health Libraries

ORCHA offers bespoke Digital Health Libraries to help you align digital health with your organisational, regional, or national priorities. Augment your services with a digital health platform.

Our Libraries are a proven, effective method for distributing digital health solutions. Choose the health and care condition areas for which you’d like relevant apps to appear, personalise your Library with your organisation’s branding, and allow your professionals and service users to access independent information about the quality assurance of specific apps. Your bespoke Digital Health Library can take the guise of a dedicated Digital Health Library website, or an API that feeds through to your website, depending on your requirements. The ORCHA Pro Solution can also be added to the Library, giving professionals additional features, including app recommendation.

The ORCHA App Library

Our App Library makes sense of the hundreds of thousands of health and care apps that exist in unregulated app stores. Search over 6,000 apps that have all undergone the ORCHA Review and received an ORCHA Score.

Developed by clinicians, ORCHA’s App Library gives you unlimited access to thousands of independent app reviews across a broad spectrum of conditions, each of which includes a breakdown of key assessment criteria relating to Clinical/Professional Assurance, Data & Privacy, and Usability & Accessibility. Our Member Account allows you to discover the strengths and weaknesses of an app before downloading it. With our Pro Account, you can digitally recommend apps directly to patients and service users. Feel confident in accessing quality assured digital health. Is your digital doctor qualified?

Implementation Support

ORCHA’s Digital Health Libraries come with a bundled implementation support package, tailored to each deployment and delivered through the initial three months of implementation before Account Management takes over.

Our implementation support package enables organisations to familiarise their admins and professionals with navigating the Digital Health Library, as well helping to activate their professionals in utilising digital health within their practice. The package includes set-up and configuration support, training sessions, digital campaign development and support, and ongoing performance monitoring and management. Performance reporting gives you data on all aspects of the Digital Health Library’s and Pro Solutions (where applicable) usage.

Digital Healthy Schools

To help local authorities and educational institutions unlock the power of digital health for young people and their communities, ORCHA has developed the Digital Healthy Schools programme. Combining a searchable App Library with pastoral resources, the programme teaches children and young adults how to use digital health safely.

A bespoke Digital Healthy Schools App Library allows students and teachers alike to search for and download age-appropriate health and care apps. Every app that appears on the Library has been assessed by ORCHA to determine its quality assurance. On request, the platform also allows teachers and support staff to find and discretely recommend apps to students, to ensure they use the best app for their specific needs. We also offer resources to help schools promote the programme to teachers and pupils.

See how ORCHA works

Discover how our services, including Reviews, Digital Health Libraries, and market intelligence reports, can work for your specific needs.

What our clients say

“By working with ORCHA to create an online platform of apps that are safe for our young people to use, we know that we can encourage more young people to reach out for help, and, therefore, we can save more young lives.”

– Lisa Roxby, Papyrus, the UK Charity for the Prevention of Young Suicide

What our clients say

“ORCHA powers our Health App Library. They help us to break down the barriers and mitigate issues around digital health. Thanks to ORCHA, we are building the trust with clinical teams and have put in place the tools and governance they need.”

– Crystal Dennis, Interim Lead for Public Facing Digital Health Services, Our Dorset Digital

What our clients say

“ORCHA has helped us in a way we could never have helped ourselves. The breadth and depth of analysis that needs to go into the very many apps that are out there would not be achievable. ORCHA has helped us to hone down from a huge field of players available to those that are applicable in our environment.”

– Rachel Dunscombe, member of Healthtech Advisory Board, CEO of the NHS Digital Academy, global (non-US) leader and senior evangelist at KLAS, the collaborative of 170 healthcare organisations across 10 countries

What our clients say

“All physiotherapists should be incorporating some part of digital in the way they practice. If physiotherapists are digitally aware, digitally ready, and technology enabled then they can become better physiotherapists and provide better services to our patients. We’re working with ORCHA to try and enable our physios to be able to confidently recommend worthwhile apps to their service users, and for our members to use for their own benefit.”

– Euan McComiskie, The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

What our clients say

“It gives you, in essence, a kitemark. Having something like ORCHA is a gamechanger because you can direct patients towards apps that will support the clinical information that you’re giving them.”

– Dr Devender Roberts, Maternity Clinical Director, Consultant in Obstetrics and Fetal Medicine to the Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust

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