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400,000+ APPS

Our marketplace reports look at the health of apps in any geographical or condition area.


Our review assesses clinical assurance, data privacy, and usability.


Our Health App Libraries gauge public and patient attitudes and behaviours.


Understand which apps professionals are prescribing, and why.

Digital insight platform

With ORCHA’s unique data set, our data team provides unique insight services to answer your most pressing questions.

Our insight services ensure you make the right digital health product decisions that will help transform your services and improve patient satisfaction. Reports are available covering:

– Market saturation and opportunities, providing market insights within any geographical or condition area.

– Market direction, including changes in the number of health apps over time and market forecast.

– Market sector quality, including average assessment scores and breakdown by clinical assurance, data security and usability.

  • The world’s largest database of compliant apps, with unique adoption, usage and population data.

Health economic outcomes

Understand the health economic outcomes of health apps dedicated to the relevant therapeutic area.

In a field of thousands of products and ever-changing regulations, finding the very best products that uphold quality assurance, and deliver a quantified return on investment, takes time and expertise.

Our insight service includes world-leading health economists specialising in digital health, to ensure you make the right digital health product decisions that will help transform your services, improve patient satisfaction and deliver ROI.

Digital health attitudes and behaviour

Gain an understanding of the views of professionals and end users towards digital health with our digital attitude benchmark surveys and focus groups.

Our Health App Libraries are used by the public in 70% of NHS regions and 12 countries worldwide, serving a population of ~20 million. This reach gives ORCHA unique insights into what the world, the UK, or your target population’s health concerns are, and how they are engaging with digital health.

This insight, together with bespoke surveys and focus groups, establishes the baseline activity and attitudes of target populations towards digital health, as well as identifying areas and targets for further improvements. Developed with behaviour change experts, it gives you a picture of the overall digital maturity of specific areas and populations.

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