Digital Health in the UK Attitudes and Behaviours Report 2023

Digital Health in the UK Attitudes and Behaviour Report 2023

Faced with mounting pressures, the NHS and Social Services are increasingly turning to digital technologies to relieve pressure on services and build a more sustainable system. But despite encouraging programs of work, a parliamentary expert panel has found that overall progress towards improving the digital capabilities within the NHS is too slow.

So, what is stopping wholesale adoption of digital health in health and care services? Where are the barriers? And where are the opportunities? 

To better understand the nation’s true opinions, ORCHA has, for the third year, commissioned independent research to ask 2,000 UK residents what they think.

Download our report to discover:

  • What are patient attitudes towards digital health in the UK today?
  • How is digital health usage changing?
  • Are people finding digital health helpful?
  • Which regions are most activated in terms of digital health?
  • How does the NHS influence the public’s digital health choices?

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