The Daily Telegraph features ORCHA research

middle aged couple viewing tablet

During the summer we surveyed 2000 consumers to find out more about how they were using health apps.

The research revealed that doctors, nurses and care staff are hardly ever recommending health apps to the over 55s – yet many in the older age categories consider themselves tech savvy.

Our research found that 55% of over 55s and 52% of the over 65s are actually willing to embrace health tech.

And a striking 90% of over 55s and 81% of the over 65s who have already used a health app have been satisfied or very satisfied with the end result.

Additionally, the research found that the older the patient, the less likely the healthcare professional to recommend a digital solution. For example, out of the research sample, GPs had recommended apps to 7% of over 45s, 4% of over 55s and just 2% of over 65s. This pattern also played out when it came to pharmacists, nurses and care professionals.

Our thanks to the Daily Telegraph for exploring these findings in more detail.

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