The Pharma Industry Highlights the Potential for digital apps

The Pharma industry is increasingly interested in the topic of digital health. The European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer recently spoke with our Founding CEO, Liz Ashall-Payne, about this important topic.

In the article, ‘App development is a golden opportunity – but pharma companies need to be wary’, Liz highlights the increase in patient willingness to embrace digital health in the form of apps. New research from ORCHA found that:

“65% [of patients surveyed] agreed that they’d be willing to look at using more technology, such as health apps, as part of a fresh approach. Nearly half the respondents (49%) agreed that doctors should be able to prescribe health apps just like they prescribe traditional medicines. Of the 38% who had already used a health app, a striking 87% said they were satisfied with the experience (nearly 40% of those were strongly satisfied).”

Liz goes on to explain, however, the pitfalls when apps fail to comply with digital health standards and regulations, particularly when apps can ‘cost anywhere between £250 and £1m to produce’. Thus, Liz highlights the need to ask when considering an app:

“Is your strategy right, have you built the best product and have you avoided non-compliance?”

Read the full article on the European Pharmaceutical Manufacturer’s website to learn more.