Here are three apps that we recommend for the 3-4 million trying to give up smoking.


Top 3 Apps for Making Changes Stick

If your patients have been motivated by campaigns such as Stoptober and Stay Sober for October, but now need additional help to make or maintain changes to their lifestyle, an app can help.


Effective health apps put practical support, encouragement and tailored advice in the palm of your hand.  Convenient and always with you, they can provide the right intervention at the right time.  Here are three apps that we recommend for the 3-4 million trying to give up smoking, 20% wanting to cut-back on alcohol, and 2/3rd trying to diet right now.

On behalf of NHS and care organisations across the UK, ORCHA conducts more independent evaluations of health apps than anyone else.  This is a monthly round-up of some of the best mental health apps to know about.



There are a wide range of apps that help embed changes into lifestyles.  Here are the three that achieve the highest scores in our evaluations covering effectiveness, safety, security and usability:


Quit genius: With a 36% success rate for long term quitting, it’s more effective than face to face therapy and going cold turkey.

Best-You: Set an alcohol consumption target and receive support and tracking on how you are performing against this.

Change4Life Smart recipes: Finder healthier alternative recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks, it includes step by step recipes and even creates your shopping list.


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