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ORCHA is at the forefront of digital health. Trusted by health and care organisations, professionals, app developers and populations across the world, we determine, deliver and distribute quality assured digital health solutions.

Whether you’re a health and care organisation, professional, national body or app developer looking to find and distribute great health and care apps, ORCHA can help make digital health work for you. Our solutions are trusted by more than 100 health and care organisations across 11 countries, and there are thousands of assessed apps in our Digital Health Library (and growing). Read on to discover how ORCHA can unlock the power of digital health for you.


Our Review includes Clinical Assurance, Data Privacy, and Usability standards and regulations.


We provide transparency on the quality of digital health solutions.


Our Digital Health Libraries support populations across the globe.


Professionals use ORCHA to prescribe apps directly to service users.

Health and Care Organisations

Health and care organisations across the world face the twin threat of increased demand and reduced financial resources. But there is a solution: digital health. Digital health solutions can deliver care that is more efficient, patient-centred, and at much greater scale than traditional care pathways.

With hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from and a lack of regulation amongst app marketplaces, ORCHA’s review process, Digital Health Libraries, and ability to integrate trusted solutions into care pathways, can unlock the benefits of digital health for your organisation in a safe, quality assured and compliant manner.

National Health Bodies

ORCHA is shaping the standards for digital health. Trusted by national health bodies in 11 countries (and growing), from Norway, to New Zealand, we offer solutions for improving population health outcomes at scale. In the UK, ORCHA works with the NHS in 50% of UK regions, and is part of the NHS Innovation Accelerator.

ORCHA offers a unique solution for digital health accreditation development on a national scale, allowing health bodies to create bespoke assessments that meet their requirements for gauging the quality assurance of digital health solutions. Discover how we can make your country a leader in healthcare innovation.

Health and Care Professionals

If you’re looking for ways to help your patients and service users outside of traditional appointments, digital health is a great place to start. With an ORCHA Pro Account, you can identify, use, recommend and prescribe quality assured health and care apps to your patients and service users, with confidence.

Trusted by the NHS and a growing number of national health bodies across the world, ORCHA can guide you towards activating and engaging your service users to incorporate digital health solutions into the daily self-management of their health and wellbeing.


The global app marketplace is teeming with unverified, clinically dubious, and unsafe apps. Where there is confusion, consumers are unlikely to, and health professionals will not, download a health or care app without some means of verifying its credibility. ORCHA supports developers by conducting an independent review of their solution and providing an ORCHA Score.

To help good health and care apps get spotted by health and care professionals and the people who need them most, ORCHA publishes its app reviews on its Digital Health Library and, where appropriate, its clients’ national and regional health and care App Libraries. These Libraries are used in over 11 countries, by more than 100 health and care organisations and 30,000+ health and care professionals. ORCHA’s Dynamic Purchasing System also supports the effective and efficient procurement of health and care apps by putting them in front of procurement departments, commissioners and decision makers.


Young people are digital natives, aren’t they? They all know how to use apps for everything, from banking, to health. That’s what you would assume, but ORCHA’s research indicates that the uptake of health and care apps amongst Millennials and Generation Z remains low, and those who do utilise health apps may not be doing so safely.

That’s why ORCHA created the Digital Healthy Schools programme. By providing educational establishments with the resources to teach young people about digital health, and the tools to engage with quality assured apps, we can help young people stay fitter and healthier for longer, reducing long term demand on primary and acute healthcare services.

What our clients say

“By working with ORCHA to create an online platform of apps that are safe for our young people to use, we know that we can encourage more young people to reach out for help, and, therefore, we can save more young lives.”

– Lisa Roxby, Papyrus Prevention of Young Suicide

What our clients say

“ORCHA helps us to break down the barriers around digital health. Partnering with ORCHA is helping to build the trust with clinical teams through education and awareness. It also saves a great deal of time in horizon scanning.”

– Crystal Dennis, Our Dorset Digital

What our clients say

“ORCHA has helped us to hone down the very many apps that are out there, to those that are really applicable in our environment.”

– Rachel Dunscombe, Director of Digital, Salford Royal Group

What our clients say

“Using apps in addition to therapy means patients might not need to come into hospital quite so often, and it will help them to progress.”

– Hannah Silcock, Occupational Therapist, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust

What our clients say

“Having something like ORCHA is a gamechanger because you can direct patients towards apps that will support the clinical information that you’re giving them.”

– Dr Devender Roberts, LMS Chair and Clinical Lead for O&G for the W&CP

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