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#1 for Health Bodies

From The British Dietetic Association to the American Telemedicine Association, the ORCHA Accreditation Platform is trusted by health bodies across the world.

17,000 accurate assessments

We have conducted more objective and accurate digital health assessments than anyone.


More than 3,000 healthcare professionals use our platform to recommend digital heath products.


ORCHA has been involved in every digital health framework.

Assessment builder

Create an accreditation programme with the right criteria for you.

Develop accreditation criteria for your scheme, featuring both international best practice and criteria unique to your needs, using our comprehensive question bank and queue logic. Many customers start with the 350+ questions asked in the ORCHA baseline review, then layer on one or more of our seven enhanced review modules, such as clinical assurance or enhanced data analysis. Finally unique criteria is added such as language or cultural requirements.

Translate your criteria into an operational assessment platform, with objective measures for each criteria and a suitable scoring model, with our review builder tool.

Your accreditation programme will be tested before launch in our sandpit with relevant sample sets of digital health products, to gauge and calibrate the outcome of each version.

Assessment platform

Conduct rapid certification of health apps, with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Our unique, end-to-end Digital Health Accreditation Platform delivers objective, accurate and fast digital health product assessments, to ensure all technologies used are compliant with your standards.

The platform gives you end-to-end visibility and reporting, from applicant management through to assessment and compliance accreditation. The output from the assessment platform, including a product’s compliance status, can be made public or be restricted.

The platform is scalable, enabling you to conduct a single standalone review of a product or thousands of assessments against your accreditation scheme. The secure platform can be operated by your team, third party suppliers, ORCHA assessors, or a mix of all three.

Digital Health Formulary

For digital products to truly have the power to revolutionise healthcare, we need to be just as responsible with them as we are with any other aspect of treatment.

We need to have the right systems in place to help health and care professionals make safe and confident decisions about digital health technologies.

ORCHA’s Digital Health Formularies allow health and care professionals to select the best digital health solution and accurately recommend it to a patient, with the governance needed for risk management.

Case study

The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) launched a Health App Library to enable their 59,000 members to take a leadership role in incorporating digital technology in their practice.

Hear Karen Middleton, Chief Executive Officer, Chartered Society for Physiotherapists (CSP), and Euan McComiskie, UK Health Informatics Lead an Professional Advisor for Northern Ireland, CSP, discuss how apps can help as part of assessment, treatment compliance, monitoring symptoms, and allowing people to self-manage. Euan McComiskie explains that, “We’re working with ORCHA to try and enable our physios to be able to confidently recommend worthwhile apps to their service users, and for our members to use for their own benefit.”

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