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NHS LPP adds 5 new categories to Dynamic Purchasing System: Apply Now!

NHS LPP (NHS London Procurement Partnership) have added 5 new condition area categories to their Dynamic Purchasing System:

Category 6 – Brain / Nerves
Category 7 – Cancer
Category 8 – Healthy Living
Category 9 – Joints / Bone / Muscle
Category 10 – Medicines and Clinical Reference

If you have an app that comes under any of these categories, you can apply to be part of the DPS here:

In order to view the opportunity, you will need to select the ‘find opportunities’ option on the landing page once you have logged in to LPP Sourcing. From there select NHS London Procurement Partnership from the Organisations drop down. A list of current opportunities should load, from this list please select ‘Health and Social Care Apps DPS.’ When this page has loaded please select ‘Register interest in this opportunity’ and you will be taken to the opportunity where you can review all documentation and should you wish to begin the electronic questionnaire by clicking on the green icon at the bottom of the page. To reply to each question please click on the edit link within the Question Sets box.

The deadline for the first round of applications for these new categories is 30/3/20, and the existing categories will remain open for applications.


The NHS London Procurement Partnership (NHS LPP) develops and manages collaborative procurement projects on behalf of its members, including NHS clinical commissioning groups and acute, community, mental health and ambulance trusts.

Operating as a centre of commercial excellence, it delivers significant and sustainable cost and service improvements to the health economy relating not only to the procurement of digital technology, but also workforce, medicines optimisation and pharmacy, and estates and facilities management.

In order to provide NHS healthcare providers and the wider health and social care economy with the safe and efficient roll-out of mHealth applications, NHS LPP is introducing a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) that will enable a streamlined and compliant route to market.

As part of this opportunity, NHS LPP is inviting suppliers to submit apps for inclusion in the DPS.

All apps that apply will undergo an assessment by the Organisation for the Review of Health and Care Apps (ORCHA) and this will inform the selection decision made by NHS LPP. ORCHA’s review will look at 260 aspects of the app. Full details can be found at: Reviews and Accreditations

Serving a population with a wide range of health conditions, the programme is looking to include apps that address all conditions supported by the NHS and the health and social care sector. This includes mental health, women’s health, child health, diabetes, blood pressure and more. Apps may support the patient or the running of the organisation.

This programme aims to deliver cost effective, safe and effective apps into public sector services across the United Kingdom.


Founded by NHS clinicians, ORCHA is the world’s leading digital health evaluation and distribution organisation. We provide services to national health bodies across three continents, including the NHS in 50% of UK regions, delivering national accreditation frameworks, bespoke Digital Health Libraries, and professional recommendation tools, specific to the needs of our clients. ORCHA’s unique Review Engine assesses digital health solutions against more than 300 measures across Clinical/Professional Assurance, Data & Privacy, and Usability & Accessibility, plus additional criteria depending on needs.

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