The Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps

Delivering safe digital health

Digital health offers a huge opportunity to transform how we prevent health concerns, treat patients and meet clinical needs. Yet with more than 350,000 digital health technologies available, and over 5 million people downloading one every day, why have we not yet seen wholesale adoption across health and care, payers and providers?

It’s because of the barriers to adoption, including awareness, trust, access and governance.   

The Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Apps (ORCHA) provides the core infrastructure to overcome these barriers and introduce digital health safely. Our technology establishes the quality assurance procedures long followed by other areas of medical practice.

Who we work with

Since 2015, organisations have trusted our technology to deliver digital health safely

Health and care organisations

Equip your citizens and health and care professionals with the tools and training to find, recommend and govern digital health in a coordinated safe way.

Digital health suppliers

Ensure your product meets the standards expected by commissioners, continuously and objectively.

National health bodies

Build a world-leading national digital health assessment and accreditation programme.

Life sciences

Access unique digital health compliance data, to make better informed product and vendor decisions.