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Digital healthcare holds the power to revolutionise how we treat patients. But this revolution comes with risk. Right now, there are over 350,000 health apps out there and only 20% meet safety standards.  How do you get the right products, to the right people, at the right time?


If digital health truly has the power to revolutionise healthcare, then we have to be just as responsible with it as we are with any other aspect of medical practice. It’s a risk that needs action, and with action comes innovation. This is where the Organisation for the Review of Health and Care Apps (ORCHA) comes in.


ORCHA exists to make digital healthcare healthy.  Our digital health quality management platform delivers the core infrastructure needed to introduce digital health safely.  This award-winning technology is used by national bodies, healthcare providers and digital health innovators in twelve countries. It delivers a systematic approach to assessing, accrediting, deploying and embedding digital health technologies into clinical services and pathways, using a risk management approach, that has that has long been in place for medicine.

Delivering safe digital health

Digital healthcare holds the power to completely transform how we deliver care to patient populations.

But we have to be just as responsible with them as we are with any other aspect of medical practice. 

Watch our two minute video to discover the facts. 

Why use ORCHA?

ORCHA’s Digital Health Quality Management Platform is a single source for every core process needed to help you deliver digital health safely into health and care systems. Adopting a risk management approach, our award-winning platform includes:



Build or run a world-leading digital health assessment scheme, with rapid certification of health apps in a repeatable process, with unmatched speed and accuracy.




Health app

Provide the public with safe ways to find the best products, with our white label Health App Libraries, filled with thousands of compliant products.



Digital Health

Give healthcare professionals assured ways to recommend digital health, with a single source formulary and toolkits embedded into clinical pathways, with clear governance and liability.



Make informed decisions with access to the biggest database of digital health knowledge, including data spanning assessment, adoption, usage and population data.

Seven Integrated Care Systems roll out ORCHA across the South West

“It was a no-brainer to roll out an app library powered by ORCHA. For safety, practical and effectiveness reasons, it’s a foundation platform that every part of the health and social care teams should have access to.”

The Ministry of Mental Health Services in the Netherlands establish a health app evaluation programme with ORCHA

“Feedback has been extremely positive. People welcome the trusted information on the apps that are in the library.”

My Life Plan completes the DTAC with ORCHA

“ORCHA’s experts have been very clear and have broken down all the complexity so it’s become manageable.”

N!P build the world’s first cross-border digital health accreditation system powered by ORCHA

“This programme provides suppliers with an attractive platform to reach the whole of the Nordics healthcare system, breaking down current barriers to market access.”

South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust introduces a Health app Library into its stop smoking service

“Since introducing the remote service, including the telephone support, online quit program and health app library, 72% of participants remained a non-smoker after 4 weeks.”

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